The future of time management has arrived.

Practical solutions for lasting change.

It's time for a time management course that addresses the causes and not just the symptoms, and provides the appropriate solutions.

It's time for time management training thoughts affect the way we respond to tasks, objectives, deadlines and even interpersonal relationships - including team dynamics and supervisory relationships.

It's time for time management training that recognises that people are individuals and that one standard set of techniques will never fit all.
We offer training that allow delegates to discover their personal, nine-faceted time profile in order to mitigate their weaknesses and optimise their strengths. Training that will increase effectiveness, motivation and control.

It's time to the only time management solution that focuses on lasting change.

Our revolutionary two day training course uses psychology and life coaching techniques and is suitable for corporates, individuals and students.

Do any of these time management dilemmas sound familiar?

  • Employees are always busy, but don’t seem to get much done?
  • Employees never seem to get ahead, are always putting out fires and never focus on the important stuff?
  • Employees always seem to use overtime to catch up on work that should be done during the day?
  • Employees are easily distracted and tend to focus on trivial tasks?
  • Different employees tend to clash in terms of time expectations?

After attending The Time Clinic's time management training, you and your employees will benefit from:

  • Improved task completion, reduction of task avoidance and minimisation of delays
  • Improved interpersonal relationships and optimisation of team dynamics
  • Stress reduction and goal / objective actualisation
  • A move from crisis management to a proactive approach
  • Self empowerment through self awareness and a new practical skill-set
  • Sustainable behavioural and attitudinal change.

Time management like it's never been done before

At The Time Clinic, we use insights and techniques borrowed from psychology and science to address the complex issue of time, task and team management. Unlike other time management courses that have little long term effect, we address core issues that result in the mismanagement of the self in relation to time.

We seek not to teach basic organisational skills, but rather to equip the individual with tools to break free from the paralysis of procrastination and similar self sabotaging thought patterns. Delegates are empowered with an understanding of themselves and others in order to maximise personal and interpersonal productivity and improve overall workplace morale.

The Time Clinic treats the negative unconscious psychology relating to time and tasks as obstacles that hold us hostage and prevent us from attaining control and provides practical solutions for lasting change.

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the psychology of time management

The psychology of time management

At The Time Clinic we interpret and incorporate non-invasive techniques taken from behaviourism, gestalt and cognitive behavioural therapy in order to create lasting behavioural change.

time management is as deepseated as our very dna

The biology of time management

Our revolutionary approach to time management considers bio-rhythms and genetic predispositions. We assist individuals in mitigating weaknesses and readjusting these factors to optimise performance.

on-going research is required in the field of time management

The latest time management research

We constantly research and test the latest trends in time management and incorporate only the most effective. Our material is groundbreaking and changes to adapt to new knowledge.

interpersonal relationships are enhanced through tolerance and understanding

Time management to enhance interpersonal relationships

We assist delegates in not only developing tolerance for other time profiles, but we also address the optimisation of these relationships to create cohesion for team, management and interpersonal contexts.

Facilitating lasting change

We believe that traditional time management training focuses far too much on teaching people to be more organised thereby addressing the symptoms, but not the causes.

We acknowledge that people are diverse and that different personalities require different strategies. We realise that many of our time management dilemmas are rooted in our psychologies, which explains the high rate of relapse delegates experience into the same negative patterns after receiving conventional time management training.

We believe it is important to offer a solution to both organisations and individuals that will offer lasting change and improve the quality of both work and personal life dimensions by assisting delegates in managing time, stress and themselves.

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    Our two day training workshop is extremely interactive combining group and individual activities with facilitator interaction